Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Finally! A (sorta) beauty post!

Dear Readers,
It has come to my attention that Amanda is amazing at posting on a regular schedule, and I am not right now due to time management issues what with my new job and so many other things. This is not a great excuse, I know. However, I give my best friend major props for coming up with such well-written, graphically designed (with skill, might I add) posts. I know she is tired of waiting for me to post already! Well, I have some things in mind, but my schedule still won't allow for a long, proper post that I feel you all deserve. Instead, I am going to post a couple of makeup tutorials (since I am more of the beauty guru & Amanda is the fashion lady) that I absolutely adore. I hope that you watch them, enjoy them, and find them to be of tremendous help. I am including one from Marlena over at that I use when I am running late for work (or running behind for anything, for that matter) and a hair how-to that I love. Please comment below if you decide to use them, and let us know if they work for you! I'll be back soon with a better post. I promise!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We Thank You Very Sweetly

So, I figured I would post some ideas for Thanksgiving gatherings since it's two days away. I can taste the sweet potatoes already! Whether it's a casual gorge-fest with your best friends, or a glam family affair, these should get you from appetizers through desserts (because as much as you say you're going to take it easy this year, that's NEVER going to happen when you smell those pies...)
I figured I would keep it simple with a single bottom item - you know, ones with a little room so you are comfortable when you come back for seconds ;)
Thanksgiving ideas pt. I

For those ladies who like to dress it up a bit, a nice high-waited a-line skirt should be perfect for the occasion. It's comfy and girly at the same time. Apparently I'm really into animal sweaters? Who know. There's more to come...

Thanksgiving ideas pt. 2

For the ladies who like to keep it low-key and simple, I have one word: Leggings. Seriously, what is more comfortable than leggings? I am an huge opponent of wearing leggings as pants, but if you have a long sweater, and it's Thanksgiving, I will look the other way. Again with the animal sweaters & oxblood! I'm on a roll! 
What are you going to wear on Thanksgiving this year??

Friday, November 9, 2012


Bonjour! Welcome! First, Brani ("Bee") and I are glad you stopped by, and we hope you do more often! Second, I hope you don't mind my exorbitant use of the exclamation point. I'm a fan of emotive punctuation.Third, we'd like to give you a little introduction as to who we are and how we became friends tak(ing) the catwalk. :)

Bee and I have been friends for so long that I don't like to quantify it because it means we're getting older! Just kidding, we all get better with age. That's a fact. To keep this anecdote short, Bee and I have always had such different tastes in everything: style (I'm more glam and rock 'n roll; she's more soft and country-chic), music (I'd say our styles are really reflective of our music taste), etc., but we've always bonded over our mutual affection for those things whether or not they were of the same style or genre. That's why when Bee told me she was venturing into the blogosphere, I jumped right on it and said we should combine our efforts and start a site where people can come get a taste of both of our worlds! We still have our personal blogs, but this is our way of sharing our ever-changing lives with each other - and you! - from opposite ends of the East Coast. That being said, let's get to business...

2012 Coats

Where to find these coats: #1 , #2 , #3 , #4 
I don't know about you guys, but when I find a good coat, I'm sticking with it for a couple of years. They're a great investment because you need one every year (unless you live in a tropical climate... and to those of you that do, I'm sorry you miss out on snow, but man do I miss the year-round sunshine!), but you only have to wear it for a couple of months and then you store it away for the other 3/4 of the year. The lack of use keeps them in great shape, and, because you're only wearing them for about a quarter of a year, it takes a little longer for the style to become outdated. Do things even "outdate" themselves anymore? Repurposing and mixing & matching pieces have become the norm,  and besides, everything comes full circle, so those Doc Martens that you couldn't part with after middle school are totally "in" again. 

Anyway, since we're approaching the winter season (as I sip tea and listen to Christmas music - yes, Christmas music in November) I figured I'd start our fashion section off with a wishlist and a reality list of winter coats that I'm going to need to get me through snowy days and nights to come! 

The Wishlist (or, as I like to call it, the Lust List)
1. Theyskens Theory - Suede-trimmed wool-blend coat. I love this because it seamlessly brings the oxblood trend from Fall to Winter. Not to mention it matches my nail polish right now!
2. Theory - Bindra Leather-sleeve Coat. Who doesn't love a good leather-sleeved coat? Personally, I'd wear my leather jacket everywhere if I could. But, when there's a Nor'easter brewing in New York, you better bundle up and run for cover! This is a great way for you to keep the leather while keeping warm.

The Reality List (because, let's face it, we're not buying $1,000 coats alllllllllllll the time ;)
3. Allsaints - Lock Monument Coat. This one kind of resembles the H&M coat I wear all the time. Apparently I love an asymmetrical cut with a wrap collar.
4. Topshop (Boutique) - Notch Collar Sleeveless Coat. I think this sleeveless coat would be perfect with a black long sleeve shirt and some elbow-length leather gloves. Now that I'm looking at it, I think I really need to buy it so that I can wear it with a black long sleeve shirt and elbow-length leather gloves!

Before I go, I just want to thank you for stopping by, again, and let you know how much we hope you come back oh-so-soon!