Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Finally! A (sorta) beauty post!

Dear Readers,
It has come to my attention that Amanda is amazing at posting on a regular schedule, and I am not right now due to time management issues what with my new job and so many other things. This is not a great excuse, I know. However, I give my best friend major props for coming up with such well-written, graphically designed (with skill, might I add) posts. I know she is tired of waiting for me to post already! Well, I have some things in mind, but my schedule still won't allow for a long, proper post that I feel you all deserve. Instead, I am going to post a couple of makeup tutorials (since I am more of the beauty guru & Amanda is the fashion lady) that I absolutely adore. I hope that you watch them, enjoy them, and find them to be of tremendous help. I am including one from Marlena over at that I use when I am running late for work (or running behind for anything, for that matter) and a hair how-to that I love. Please comment below if you decide to use them, and let us know if they work for you! I'll be back soon with a better post. I promise!


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