About Us

About Amanda:
1) I am a natural brunette, but I much prefer my raven hair to brown hair.

2) I am (what is commonly referred to as) a “health nut.” I always have cabinets stocked with super foods and I’m obsessed with clean-eating.

3) On the flipside of that, I have an enormous sweet tooth. I bake all the time. It’s one of my signature characteristics. I love when I get to inform people that the baked goods I made are actually healthy sweets.

4) I started getting tattooed when I was 17. And, no, I don’t regret any of them.

5) I have always had a weakness for 80s hair metal. Always. I would marry Nikki Sixx if I could.

6) I am naturally a morning person, but also a night owl. What I’m trying to say is: I’m a vampire. Or just require minimal sleep.

7) I wear fake nails (not the trashy, Snooki-looking kind) because I think long nails are sexy.
8) I operate by a daily rule: All black everything.

9) I’m actually extraordinarily crafty.

10) My first apartment in New York City was in the East Village. On St. Mark’s Place, to be exact.

11) I’m one of the most difficult people you’ll ever meet in your life. Every person I’ve ever had a relationship with (friendship, family relationship, romantic relationship… you get the gist) has mentioned it once or twice.

12) I have four siblings under the age of 10. Three are my dad’s, one is my mom’s.

13) I recently started getting back into acting. I filmed an episode of HBO’s Girlsand an episode of USA’s Royal Pains over the summer. It was super fun, but I’m not quitting my day job any time soon.

14) What is my day job you ask? Well, I work in media. More specifically, I work in magazine publishing. I have a passion for media and got extremely lucky to land my first post-grad job in the industry.

15) Another signature of mine: I wear red lipstick five out of seven days a week. I usually have purple or orange lipstick on the other two days.
16) I am a terrible gum chewer. I always have three packs of gum on me at all times.

17) Whiskey is my drink of choice.
18) I am a serious budget shopper. I always want the most bang for my buck.
19) I have more coffee making apparatuses than the average person. I love coffee so much that I am getting a “black blood” tattoo.

20) One of my aspirations is to make it onto a “30 Under 30” list. I’ve got five years left!

About Brani:

 1) I am obsessed with watching YouTube makeup tutorials.

2) I am a vegetarian. The only animal product I will eat is cheese. Sometimes if egg is in something, it won't bother me, but sometimes it does. I'm weird like that. I also don't care if milk is in something, but I won't drink it.

3) I don't know why, but I can do an AMAZING impersonation of the Krusty the Clown laugh. I mean, it even freaks my friends out.

4) I am 5'3" and ___ lbs. You're kidding, right? I'm not telling you my weight.
5) I write in an actual journal about my faith, and things that are bothering me. I am a very emotional person. Extremely emotional, sometimes. How my boyfriend puts up with me? I am not sure. I am a lucky girl.

6) I'm an actress. I believe and have been told that I am very talented. I just need the money to move out to Los Angeles, CA, so I can start auditioning. Perhaps I shall start a charity fund. :P

7) Sometimes I prefer to just cuddle and talk to my animals, rather than people. I believe that a lot of people can be cold, immature, rude, heartless even, sometimes. But there are also a lot of REALLY great people to make up for those awful people. Such as...

8) MY BOYFRIEND IS THE MOST WONDERFUL MAN ON THE PLANET! I do not know what I did to deserve him, but I thank God and my lucky stars every day and night that I have him around. Otherwise, I think I would have gone crazy a long time ago. Haha!

9) Family means the world to me. I may not always like what they do or say, but I always love each and every single one of them.

10) 3 years ago, when I was 22, I lost my father. He battled a rare auto-immune skin disease that just got really bad and he could no longer fight it. He was an amazing role model, and I miss him every single day.

11) I love meeting new people; I will talk to strangers, as long as I feel safe. I believe I get this trait from my Gramps, whom is my best friend, actually. He is still alive and healthier than most at 91 years young. I spend a lot of time with him (both hanging out and taking care of him), but that is never a problem. He's hilarious and more fun than some of my friends my own age.

12) I am reading a really great book right now by Maria Menounos. It's called The Everygirl's Guide to Life. Ladies, check it out. It is life-changing. Trust me. I have learned a lot already. I am also beginning to re-read Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. I'm sure by now, you can tell my faith means a lot.

13) The beach is one of my favorite places. It is my thinking spot sometimes. I'll go there by myself just to think or write. I wish, though, that I also had a mountain house.

14) I like pictures a lot. I love photography. If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you will see a ton of pictures on a regular basis. They are either ones that I took with my phone, or from a really expensive camera. I am by no means a "model", but Brandon and I do have fun out there in the wilderness with our photoshoots.

15) Is the age I was when I started learning how to drive. My dad was the one that first let me behind the wheel of his SUV! Yes, you heard right. SUV.

16) Was the age I was when I got my first car. It was a Ford Escort zx2 called "Li'l Red". She was flooded in a nasty hurricane one year. After that, I got (favorite car I've owned) a pearly-white Maxima. This car helped me survive my first major car accident. I am on car #3, a gold Toyota Camry.

17) Gathered from the above statements, I have been in two very serious car accidents, and I am extremely lucky to be alive from both of them. One happened in '09 and one at the end of July of this year. My Gramps is lucky to be alive from the first one. Neither were considered my fault, thank God. We both had guardian angels looking over us.

18) I am a difficult person to figure out sometimes. A lot of the time, I don't even know what I want. This doesn't mean I am always annoying; it usually means I just go with the flow. I might also seem spacey sometimes, but I am a people-watcher, so I really am paying attention.

19) I am obsessed with all things beauty and fashion related. You will mostly see those types of things on my personal blog (more beauty than fashion). I love trying new products, getting all dolled up (even if I have nowhere to go) and showing my friends how to get certain looks. It's a great feeling when a friend comes to me for advice on products to buy.

20) I'd have a closet full of fashion-y clothes if I had more money. For now, I put together the cutest things I can find to look like I own expensive things. ;) I like to look good; like I actually take pride in my apperance. However, be it known, I am a BUDGET SHOPPER!
About Us (As Best Friends):
From Amanda's POV:

1) We’ve known each other since 2001.
2) We both have the same favorite color: green.

3) Some of our best performance art projects were developed and performed together! (Remember that theatre history project we did that even surprised Mr. Higgins? Also: “What You Don’t Know About Women" – 'nuff said.)

4) The first time I lied to my mom about sneaking out of the house was when I told her I had to work on a stage movement project with you and really we just went out with our boyfriends. Haha!
5) Both of our first jobs were at the Deerwood Loop. We worked there at the same time.
From Brani's POV:
1) I remember one time in high school, I bought the same belt as Amanda and we were wearing it the same day. She got upset, and refused to wear hers again.
2) There was a time period (end of senior year of high school) where we stopped being friends because we were stupid. When we finally realized this, I think we both cried and caught up for hours.
3) Amanda and I both dated boys from different high schools (their school was basically right across the street from ours) at the same time. We were so stupidly in love, and that's all we talked about. We were so lame. Oh, and the guys were best friends, as well.
4) Once, we both were grounded for something we probably shouldn't speak of (just got caught doing something kids that grow up do). We called ourselves GBL's. Grounded, boyfriendless losers. We were pretty pathetic. The entire time, all we did was talk on the phone with eachother.
5) We will make it a point, no matter how many miles apart, to stay best friends for the rest of our lives. We can go months without talking (though it sucks) and the second we speak it's like no time went by.

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