Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We Thank You Very Sweetly

So, I figured I would post some ideas for Thanksgiving gatherings since it's two days away. I can taste the sweet potatoes already! Whether it's a casual gorge-fest with your best friends, or a glam family affair, these should get you from appetizers through desserts (because as much as you say you're going to take it easy this year, that's NEVER going to happen when you smell those pies...)
I figured I would keep it simple with a single bottom item - you know, ones with a little room so you are comfortable when you come back for seconds ;)
Thanksgiving ideas pt. I

For those ladies who like to dress it up a bit, a nice high-waited a-line skirt should be perfect for the occasion. It's comfy and girly at the same time. Apparently I'm really into animal sweaters? Who know. There's more to come...

Thanksgiving ideas pt. 2

For the ladies who like to keep it low-key and simple, I have one word: Leggings. Seriously, what is more comfortable than leggings? I am an huge opponent of wearing leggings as pants, but if you have a long sweater, and it's Thanksgiving, I will look the other way. Again with the animal sweaters & oxblood! I'm on a roll! 
What are you going to wear on Thanksgiving this year??

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twoplicates said...

love the leopard legging! although im not confident enough i can pull it off :P

xo; L&M