Button Swaps

Interested in swapping buttons with us? We'd love to! For free, no doubt. We only ask three things, and if you don't mind those, please email us about swapping. Our email is on the contact page.
1) Please have a 200 x 200 pixel sized button.
2) Please place our button on your sidebar (not a separate page), because that is where your button will be going on our blog, and we feel it is only fair.
3) If you ever decide to randomly take down our button, please let us know when you do. You don't necessarily have to give us a reason, but we would appreciate the respect of knowing our button is no longer on your blog, so that we may also take yours down.
Sound good? Get to emailing us! ;)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your button is on my site!!!

Pick yours!



Thank you!